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A vampire of solitude and loneliness who hides away in the shadows. His heart yearns for the warmth of another but be careful not to make the wrong choices and find yourself in a bloody bad end~Name: Kiba,Tachikawa
Nickname: Tachi
Species: Vampire
Age: 174
Height: 5’8”
Birthday: November 7th 1849
Zodiac: Rooster/Scorpio

As a content creator I would be nothing without these wonderful people so please give them lots of love

True Form Concept Artist
Ver 2.0 Concept Artist
-Shiye 诗夜 -

2D Live Artist and Rigger
Ver. 1.5 Concept Artist

Custom Color 2DL Bat

Theme Singer-Songwriter
-Ash Ekrixi-

2DL Cheeb Artist
Bean PNG Artist

VBridger Mouth Rigger
Cheeb Rigger

Furry Form Concept Artist

Logo Artist

Just Chatting BG
Twitch Panels

Doodlefy PNG

Live2D Start Screen

Website Background
Checker Backgrounds
-Riꓘo ✧ 理子-

Undead Drink Asset

Amon's Bat Live2D Asset
-Amon the Demon-

Stream Chat Code

Custom Bedroom BG

TITS Throwable Items

Batto Emotes

Double Thumbs Up Emote
Anime Inspired Emotes

PP Emotes

Sleeping Couple Emotes

2DL Hand Assets
-Misu Murasaki-

Chat Jail
-ZMC Productions-

DS Batto Concept Design
Hello There Emote

Pants Grab Emote

Batrito Emote

Evil Stare/Sip Emotes

Bone Emotes

Blood Bag Emotes

Bongo Bat Emote

Channel Point Coins

Sub Badge Flair

Bit Badges

Blood Bag Sub Badges

Yawn Emote

Coffin Sub Badges

Headbang Emote
-Eighty Eight Design-

Lethal Company Emotes
-Aerlya Graphics-

Tombstone Reactive Gif

Keep Calm Emote

Sticky Notes Assets
-Ginko Kanamori-

Pride Twitch Panel

Pride Pins Asset

Eggplant Emote

Non-Theme Song Music
Sound Effects
-Epidemic Sound-

Stream Alerts
Stream Singers

All Merch Credits

Relaxation Keychain
-Status: Available-

Bite Keychain
-Status: Available-

Hard Candy Keychain
-Status: Available-

By Riko✧Illus

By Birctreel

By VysAries

Phantom Bites Poster
-Status: Available-

By ReflGob

These are creators and artists who helped me in the past, but I no longer use their work. I appreciate all the hard work they did for me and wish for them to still be credited.

Ver 1.0 Concept Artist
Otome Layout Designer

"Egg" L2D Bat

Brown Bat/Ghost
/Yetti Emotes

2022 Winter Overlay

X-Mas Lights

Snow Overlay

2022 Snow Twitch Flair

2021 Winter Overlay

Watery Grey Stinger

2021 Rainbow Overlay

2021 Birthday Alerts

2021 Halloween Flair

Stream Chat Codes

Maid Assets


L2D Ghost Blanket

2DL Plushie Cat Model

CotL 2DL Crown
-黒茶 -Noir Tea--

Chadelure Cup Asset

Bat Blanket Asset

Fatui Jacket Asset

Maid Assets
-Kaku キョキ-

Rainbow Mustache Asset
-Beatrice Alfbern-

Dog Ears and Bone

Crabby/Evil Sub Emotes

Vampire Stream Theme
Kuromi Stream Theme
Flower Petals Stinger

Vampire Stream Schedule
Halloween BGs
Demonic Stream Alerts
Gothic Stream Overlay
-Riꓘo ✧ 理子-

OG Logo

Merch and Commission Info

Commission Info

Clean cut edits of clips for Tik-Tok or YouTube Shorts
Price: $15USD ea

Rules and expectations:
- Must have clips you want edited on hand
- Please explain the mood you are going for: scary, funny, sad ect
- Payment up front via VGen or Ko-fi
- No refunds after project completion
-For any questions please contact me on Ko-fi or via my email: vampirehusbandok@gmail.com



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